A group of companies founded in 2005. The group's main areas of work on the satellite TV market are:

  • B2C: provision of satellite television services to individual subscribers under the Telekarta brand;
  • B2B: the whole range of telecommunications services, including the creation of TV channels, uplink to satellites, maintenance and services on TV content delivery to cable networks.


The only Russian satellite operator whose coverage area includes 100% of the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Intelsat 15 (85°E), Horizons 2 (85°E) and Express-AM5 (140°E) satellites are used for broadcasting. Orion is the leading media partner of Intelsat in the Russian Federation. Since 2013, Orion has been providing DTH services in Kyrgyzstan through a subsidiary Vision Ltd. Orion has been a technical platform in Georgia since 2016 and organizes satellite signal delivery to subscribers of the SuperTV cable operator.

  • Today, the company is one of the most actively growing operators on the pay-TV market.  
  • By the end of 2016, the number of subscribers had increased by 5%, with a general growth in the pay-TV market of 4%.
  •  The operator's subscriber base in the first half of 2017 reached 3,008,000 households.  
  • According to IKS Consulting International, the Orion satellite operator occupies about 7% of the pay-TV market in Russia.


In the sphere of B2B solutions, Orion has many years of professional experience in launching TV channels: from the creation and adaptation to the effective distribution in pay-TV networks in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe.

Today the company is the leading satellite media platform in Russia and the CIS with more than 300+ TV channels. Orion offers broadcasters a full range of services: channel uplink to the satellite, adaptation of content for Russian viewers, distribution of the channel in cable networks and inclusion in DTH-packages.

Work with TV channels based on the "integrator-client" scheme and the "one-stop shop" principle, where the Integrator forms a comprehensive offer based on the client's needs. This approach makes it possible to optimize costs and find the most profitable solutions.


The choice of the Orion satellite media platform guarantees a high quality signal for broadcasters, constant support from the company's technical specialists, the ability to broadcast from two orbital positions and, as a result, 100% coverage of the territory of Russia and the CIS countries.

Orion distributes TV channels to more than 350 major cable networks in Russia, the CIS, Europe and the United States. Their audience is more than 10 million subscribers of cable television and IPTV networks in Russia and the CIS.


Orion has regularly received public awards and recognition in the field of creating unique TV content and in the development of other business areas.

In 2011, Country Life TV channel won the 3rd Big Digit National Award in the field of multi-channel digital television in the category "New Russian Television"; Success TV channel won the Golden Ray prize, and the special prize of the Big Digit Organizing Committee was awarded to the Continent TV project (the predecessor of the current Telekarta) for development of the Russian satellite TV market.

In February 2012, Orion won the Big Digit National Award in the field of multi-channel television in the category "Operator Company", and in 2015 "For the creation of a unique media platform by the number of TV channels and the coverage of territories".

In October 2015, thousands of Russians voted for the People's Brand and Telekarta satellite TV received the title "No. 1 Brand" in the category "Satellite TV", and in January 2016 the company won the Big Digit National Award in the field of multi-channel digital television in the category "Best business strategy".

In June 2016, Orion received the Consumer Rights and Quality of Service award in the category "Services for Business." The award's expert jury highly praised the quality of services provided by the company to broadcasters. In October 2016, Orion won the Best for Life award, where satellite TV Telekarta was named as the Best Satellite TV for Life.


Orion Group of Companies includes Orion Express LLC, Telekarta LLC and Vision Ltd (Kyrgyzstan). The company's shareholders are: STK Soyuz LLC Holding Group of Companies (50% of shares), individuals (49.1% of shares) and PRODINVEST LLC (0.9% of shares). Equipment is distributed through Orion's own dealer network with 26 regional offices.


Broadcasting standards — MPEG-4/DVB-S2, MPEG-2/DVB-S
TV content broadcast encoding — Irdeto, Conax
24/7 monitoring and support service


Лицензии Орион Экспресс Лицензии Орион Экспресс Лицензии Орион Экспресс Лицензии Орион Экспресс

Orion Express LLC has all the necessary licenses to provide services and permission documents for the radio frequency spectrum of all satellites used.

  • license for television broadcasting series TB No. 23165;
  • license for providing communication services for the purposes of broadcasting No. 131656;
  • license for communication services for data transmission, with the exception of data transmission services for the transmission of voice information No. 150955;
  • license for communication services for the provision of communication channels No. 146972.

Information on legal issues related to the company's activities: +7 (495) 781-41-01.


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