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Orion is ready to provide TV channel ground-based signal delivery services.

Transport communication channels can be used for receiving the TV channel signal and for distributing it across the Russian Federation, Europe and the world.

Point-to-point communication channels in any IP/ASI/SDI format can be used for this, as well as the Internet.

As practice shows, the optimal solution for delivering the channel signal to cable operators is to uplink the SD version to the satellite and deliver HD and/or UHD versions of the channel via ground-based communication channels through the main ground distribution points (MMTS-9, MMTS-10, etc.).

Orion is ready to provide distribution of your TV channel in any format from SD to UHD at major distribution points, for example, MMTS-9.

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>Скачать технические параметры вещания транспондеров.

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