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Orion Group

The beginning of our telecom and media activities in Russia and international markets dates back to 2005.

The company has been growing and evolving since then, getting stronger, scaling its technological base, implementing brand new ideas, hiring open-minded staff, going into more and more complex but thrilling projects, opening new horizons for our customers and ourselves.

We are excited to introduce the Orion Media Platform.

Orion Media Platform is a bundle of nine business directions. There is a team of dedicated professionals behind each of the services, who know their trade precisely and stay accountable for the outcome.
Multi-environment complex for television signal delivery
TV signal preparation and airplay
Live broadcasts
Content storage and management systems
Interactive services for linear television
Creation, adaptation and promotion of television channels
Paid television service for individual subscribers
Telemarketing, polls, and hotline
Consulting, advisory and legal support for television channels
for signal uplink
for playout and other technical services
for cable networks distribution
TV channels
TV and radio
channels and video streams on DTH-platform
of Pay TV subscribers
№1 in Russia and CIS satellite coverage
80° E
140° E
Driven by 2 spacecrafts – Express-80 and Express АМ5 – signal could be immediately delivered to anywhere in Russia and CIS and distributed to cable networks operators.
All platform units are connected with ground links
Kirill Mahnovskiy, Chief Executive Officer
Maria Zhilina, Deputy CEO
Anna Zabalovskaya, Chief Financial Officer
Elena Yachmennikova, Chief Business Development Officier
Our Partners
«We are grateful for Orion team’s continuing readiness in providing best service for its clients!»
Alexey Krol, CEO Viasat Russia and CIS
Our cooperation with Orion started several years ago when Viasat chose Orion as a satellite provider for 11 channels unlinking. Thanks to the biggest coverage area and stable satellite signal we managed to widen our broadcasting and, therefore, attract more customers. We wanted to be sure in perfect quality of service when we were looking for satellite provider that could assure the best technical solution. Moreover, after we committed Orion to provide us with other technical services we cut our costs. We are grateful for Orion team’s continuing readiness in providing best service for its clients!
«I greatly appreciate our cooperation with Orion Group of Companies that string along with us!»
Grigory Lavrov, CEO Media Alliance
We pay key attention to our channels content quality and brands reputation. We are scrupulous about partners of choice, so I greatly appreciate our cooperation with Orion Group of Companies that string along with us providing the best services: stable satellite signal, the biggest coverage area and 24x7 monitoring.
«We are pleased with our established cooperation with experienced partner»
Murat Muratoglu, Head of Distribution MENA, CIS, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Baltics, APAC
Orion Group of Companies – is one of the leading and the most dynamically developing DTH-platforms in Russia. The Company has become a strategic partner for launching seven television channels of SPI holding in the Russian market. The area of the Company’s responsibility includes licensing, uplink to the satellite, compliance with Russian law, other technical services, including graphical overlay, distribution of the channels in the packages of «Telekarta» DTH platform and to cable operators. We are pleased with our established cooperation with such experienced partner and are happy to present high quality content for Russian viewers’ entertainment.
«We highly evaluate the potential of our partnership with Orion Group of Companies»
Sergey Plotnikov, CEO of Sony Pictures Television Networks in Russia and CIS
On the international market the Company has established itself as a truly professional partner, capable to solve any technical issues related to channel production or distribution. The level of provided services fully complies with international standards of the television industry.
History of the company

● Migration to a new Russian satellite “Express 80”
● Orion is the only Russian DTH operator to become secured against the risks of using foreign satellite capacity
● 35+ TV channels distribution portfolio
● ”Orion.MediMeter”, a unique TV audience measurement service in Russia, is launched to provide real-time access to the most complete data


● Increasing the portfolio of TV channels in the cable-television system. This includes over 30 television distribution channels by a group of companies “Orion”
● Launching the cloud platform of Orion Play, as well as forming and managing content
● Launching the service PlayOut for TV channels in standard Ultra HD
● “Orion” was included in the TOP 25 biggest telecommunication companies in Russia


● Playout service launch for international broadcasters
● HbbTV-services and direct broadcast satellite launch
● Opening of “Orion Connect” call center that serves subscriber base of “Telekarta” and provides services for external clients
● More than 3,15 million of subscribers are brought in


● B2B growth – more than 300 channels on the platform
● Orion serves as a technical platform for Georgian operator SuperTV
● More than 2,95 million of subscribers are brought in
● “Telekarta Online” service is launched


● Speedy progress of DTH project – more than 2 million of subscribers are brought in
● Satellite broadcasting from 3 spacecrafts: Intelsat 15, Express AM3, Horisons 2
● Far East spacecraft replacement for Express AM5


● 537 thousand of subscribers are brought in
● Satellite broadcasting from 2 spacecrafts: Intelsat 15, Express AM3
● Subscribers transferred from Express AM2 due to breakdown


● Start of providing DTH services – satellite broadcasting from Express AM2
● 152 thousand of subscribers are brought in

Awards and prizes
Consumer rights and quality of service

Orion Group of Companies has become a prize winner of the annual award «Consumer Rights and Quality of Service» in nomination of «Retail Services»/ «Best Pay TV». Jury has highly appreciated the best quality provided by “Telekarta” to the millions of subscribers across the country.

Regional development. Best practices for Russia

Orion has become a prize winner of the annual award «Regional development. Best practices for Russia» in nomination of «Internet. Communication. Telecommunication». DTH project driven under Telekarta brand was recognized as an important part of distant regions’ infrastructure.

Customer eXperience Awards Russia

Orion Group of Companies was awarded in «Best call center» nomination. «Orion Connect» call center was opened in 2016 in Penza and received high marks by the experts.

Big Didgit Award

Orion has won professional National Award for multichannel digital television Big Didgit Award in nomination of «The best solution for TV channels».

Trademark #1 in Russia

Telekarta was awarded by «Trademark #1 in Russia» award in nomination of «Satellite television». Annual award that significantly represents consumers’ trust level for brand and brand valuation exists since 1998 in Russia.

Russian Innovation Time

Orion has won «Russian Innovation Time» in nomination of «Technological innovation of the year». Satellite media platform with the widest coverage area and greatest number of broadcasted TV channels was awarded an honor in Dec, 2016.