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TV Channel Creation

10+ own-produced TV channels with unique content

«Business with an experienced company is always saving time, resources and guarantee of avoiding mistakes»

Alexey Rubakov, Director of Telecommunications Services

Orion offers startups and existing broadcasters, YouTube channels, Internet portals the creation and development of a new TV channel.


TV-channel creation is a complex and unique project which you can implement with us on a turnkey basis.

Evaluate the market, target audience of new TV-channel
Evaluate TV-channel production costs
Determine distribution and evaluate advertising and / or license revenues
TV-channel design, including voice-over
Fill TV-channel with own or purchased content
Prepare TV-channel for broadcasting
Implement TV-channel playout
Sale a TV-channel to operators or advertisement on a TV-channel
TV-channel management

Our TV-Channels

We have successful experience in creation and development of 10 thematic TV-channels.

Learn about working with us in the Projects section.

«Any person can come to us with a request: “I want a TV-channel”. We can undertake the overall work from TV-channel idea to distribution»

Alexey Rubakov, Director of Telecommunications Services

Service Structure

Orion service model is built on the design-kit concept – the client selects the required services.

TV-channel concept development

  • The TV-channel concept is developed based on client’s idea, market analysis and potential TV-channel viewership

Business-plan development

  • Analysis of the advertisement capabilities and distribution system
  • Costs and earnings estimations

Development of TV-channel launching

  • Scheduled plan development
  • Development of the business processes and responsibility matrix

Complete graphic design package development

  • Development of TV-channel graphics package (cutoffs, nameplates, etc.), including the sounding
  • Design the TV-program heads, inter-program captions and TV-program advertisements

Production TV-channel content for launching and / or TV-channel operation performance

  • Audit of the existing content, pre-editing preparation
  • Content preparation
  • Production of supplementary components (promotional videos, advertisements)

Pre-broadcast preparation

TV-channel playout

Uplink to the satellite and signal delivery

TV-channel distribution

Advertisement Sales on a TV-channel

Why Orion
Successful experience in creation of more than 10 TV-channels

More than 4000 hours of own content was produces for 7 years with continuously enhanced quality.

Flexibility of service model

We offer you a package of consulting services for channel creation. Only you decide what you need now and what is your plan for future.

Reasonable and Comprehensible Prices

We are aware of the current market state of things and do press on the optional services when they are obviously not required. It always makes the overall project reasonable and comprehensible.