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Content storage

Store your content with immediate access

This option is for those who never stop evolving, despite the deficit of storage facilities, lack of technical support or high costs of alternative solutions.

Andrey Trufanov, Нead of Telecommunication Services Department

«Orion» is offering content storage service for broadcasters.


The «Content storage» service is a simple but efficient tool for you to take advantage of:

Optimizing resources thanks to zero expense on new acquisitions as well as supporting the existing solutions.
Ensuring high security level thanks to allocation on the territory of Russian Federation, in a safe data center with redundant fibers and power supply
Scaling the volume of storage on-the-go
Broadband access to the content with rights management mechanism

Our clients

We proudly state that we do our business with media-market leaders Russia-wide and worldwide and with small TV-channels.

Learn about working with us in the Projects section.

Allocate any space - from 10 terabytes to petabytes of storage - for your purposes

Roman Yasinskiy, Director of Technical Operations

What’s included

Our service model is a «construction kit» where customers are welcome to pick the components that they specifically need.

Storage for main and backup video content

Storage for original files and airplay copies

Managed access to the content (for example, for authorized partners)

There is a bundle of extras offered along with the Storage Service:

  • Automated technical control of the content
  • Editorial/eye control, including for compliance with the legislation
  • Video edit, including creation of age-specific versions
  • Volume alignment and other audio editing
  • Transcoding
Why Orion
Team of professionals

Top qualification staff are here to support your project

Outstanding reliability services, guaranteed SLA

Full backup option available. Eye control by our specialists and 24х7х365 customer support.

Flexible service model

We undertake to provide the full range of services and infrastructure for content storage. But customers decide what they need momentarily and what they are planning for the future.