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Uplink and Signal Delivery

For those who are not scared of heights

"We will deliver your TV-channel to the networks of all cable and satellite operators of our country and worldwide. Your content is worthy of being seen and heard by maximum quantity of viewers"

Alexey Rubakov, Director of Telecommunications Services

Orion offers TV-signal distribution Russia-wide and in the CIS countries with own satellite platform.

Due to two platform satellites - Express-80 and Express АМ5 – we promptly deliver the signal to any point Russia-wide or to the CIS, inclusive of all cable operators.

We deliver a TV-channel to any point worldwide with our partners’ – international satellite operators’ (SES, Eutelsat, Russian Satellite Communications Company, AzerSpace, etc.) infrastructure.


Uploading to the satellite allows for maximum extension of footprints in the media scene for starting and existing TV-channels. With Orion you will be able to:

Deliver a TV-channel to subscribers of network operators where we distribute TV-channels – nearly all Russian operators
Establish and extend own broadcast network
Include a TV-channel into our broadcast network - the TV-channel will be accessible for more than 3 million Telekarta satellite TV subscribers

«Our advantage – we render the full range of services related to TV-channel uploading to satellites and make you an offer with due account for your targets»

Alexey Rubakov, Director of Telecommunications Services

Service Structure

Planning and designing

  • Development of the optimized technical and commercial solutions for the client and of the interface procedure
  • Building the project team including the project manager, discipline engineers, analysis and document   engineer, vendors’ representatives
  • Consultation support for obtaining the permit and license documentation for TV-channel operation in the Russian and CIS market

Technical operations

  • Signal reception from the client worldwide
  • Required format recording
  • Signal uploading to the satellite. We upload the signal in any format – SD, HD, Ultra HD (MPEG2, MPEG4, HEVC)

Support Service

  • 24х7х365 audio and visual monitoring, including reference record of parameters and/or signals
  • 24х7х365 technical support, including in English

Our clients

Up to date we have rendered the signal uploading and delivery services for more than 400 TV- and radio-channels, video-streams. We proudly state that we do our business with media-market leaders Russia-wide and worldwide and with small TV-channels.

Learn about working with us in the Projects section.

Own satellite media-data exchange platform
Express-80, 80° E
Made in RUSSIA
Started up 2021
Warranty life 15 years

Coverage area — the living area of 99% of Russian population, Kaliningrad to Kuril Islands; CIS and the Baltics, Poland, Romania, Mongolia, China. The specific feature of the outline operating zone — three obvious peaks (European, Siberian, Far Eastern) in the regions with the densest population within Russia. In Russia the signal may be received by 60-cm antenna, beyond the Urals — 90-cm.

Express АМ5, 140° Е
Made in Russia
Started up 2013
Warranty life 15 years

Express АМ beams cover the overall area from the Urals to the Far East, Mongolia, China and Japan with equal power. The signal is received by: D90-cm antenna.

Why Orion
Own satellite media-data exchange platform

Orion platform includes two satellites – Express-80, Express АМ5. All platform assemblies are connected with ground communication links.

Own teleports and head-end stations in Moscow and Krasnoyarsk.

The central hub connecting all Orion teleports in the single network with ground communication links is located in Moscow.

International partners’ – satellite operators’ network

We deliver your TV-channel to any point worldwide with our partners’– SES, Eutelsat, Russian Satellite Communications Company, AzerSpace, etc.- infrastructure.

High reliability, assured SLA services

Complete backup of both ground and satellite systems. Two satellite crafts in 85° E-orbital position on the own platform ensure emergency backup.