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TV-Channel Broadcasting to Subscribers of Telekarta DTH-Platform

You channel is powered by Telekarta

"Today Telekarta is more than 3 100 000 subscribers Russia-wide. Together with us you will have the access to this viewership!"

Svetlana Borisova, Chief Content Officer

Orion will ensure your channel broadcasting to own Telekarta DTH-platform subscribers and Telekarta Online OTT-servicer users.


TV-channel broadcasting to Telekarta subscribers shall be the competent solution both for starting and already existing TV-channels. Do it with us.

Obtain access to the new viewership: 3,1+ mln. subscribers Russia-wide
Receive license fees for your channel broadcasting

Our clients

We do our business successfully both with the market leaders and independent companies following similar high service standards.

Learn about working with us in the Projects section.

«Our advantage –100% coverage of the Russian area and undisputed leadership with regard to the quantity of subscribers in Siberia and the Far East»

Svetlana Borisova, Chief Content Officer

Service Structure

TV-channel broadcasting service includes:

TV-channel reception

  • Reception from any satellite at any point worldwide
  • Ground reception from any communication operator in Russia
  • Reception via the Internet network ensuring unexposed reception (ZIXI, MicroImpuls, etc.)

Signal recoding (optional)

  • Recoding to the required format MPEG2, MPEG4) and compressing into the DVB container

Uploading to Orion satellite and broadcasting to Telekarta subscribers

Broadcasting to Telekarta Online OTT-service subscribers (optional)

Payment of license fees

Why Orion
Telekarta is one of the leading brands in the Russian and CIS pay-TV market

3,1+ mln. subscribers Russia-wide. the 2-nd largest DTH-platform in Russia and CIS. Ranks among TOP-5 of the largest pay-TV operators.

400+ channels on the platform

Up to date we render signal uploading and deliver services for more than 400 TV- and radio-channels and video-streams.


Telekarta is the only DTH-platform covering 100% of the Russian Federation area