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Telemarketing, Surveys and Hot Line

Your clients are one call away

"Each of your clients is special and requires maximum attention!"

Yana Gladysheva, Chief Operations Officer

Orion offers Orion Connect contact-center services.

We incorporated Orion Connect in 2017 to support 3+ mln. subscribers of Telekarta satellite TV . Today we are ready to render contact center services to our colleagues — cable TV operators, TV-channels, TV-shops, online-movies theaters, internet providers, TV-channel distributors.


With our assistance you will be able to address a wide range of sale and service tasks.

Inform the clients on company’s products, answering clients’ questions
Increase the average purchase amount of the current clients / trading the company’s services
Address simple technical issues and / or receipt of technical support applications
Acquire clients’ opinions on company’s products, satisfaction information
Step-by-step algorithm of claims and objections working out

Our clients

We are proud that we assist our clients being the best in our industry.

Learn about working with us in the Projects section.

«Contact-center employees are to some extent authorized persons, experts, first aid and even psychologists to whom the clients apply to address different critical issues»

Yana Gladysheva, Chief Operations Officer

Service Structure

Orion service model is built on the design-kit concept – the client selects the required services.


  • Answering incoming calls
  • Clients’ consulting


  • Outcoming calls to the company’s clients
  • Telephone sales, acquisition of company’s products applications

Telephone polling, marketing

Technical and consultation activities

  • Arrangement of 8-800, 495/499 code multi-channel numbers
  • IVR creation and adjustment
  • Call back
  • Arrangement of bulk text message mailing
  • Auto-informing the clients
  • Scripting
  • Mystery shopper

The project activity is built in line with the assessment criteria, methods and control points developed in accordance with your tasks.

At the startup stage, we ask our clients to make test calls allowing us for correction of non-conformities (unfortunately, to avoid them in full is impracticable) and optimization of the contact-center activity.

Why Orion
We know what we are speaking about!

Details are always important, in particularб in media and telecommunication. To bring them to all employees of the standard contact-center and to start to work quickly is a challenge. Our team has always operated in telecommunication, hence, we not only know what the question is, but we are able to manage it.

We gained invaluable experience in the media- and telecommunication industry

Complete contact-center service package for Telekarta satellite TV – 3.1+mln. subscriber base. Hotline for TVzavr online-movie theater. Researching TV-watch specific features.

Our contact-center is recognized by the experts

Orion Connect is the winner of 2018 International Customer Experience Awards Russia in Best Contact Center nomination.