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Ground-based Signal Delivery

For those who want to keep their feet on the ground

"In any formats, from and to any destinations points — we deliver signals of the first industry companies: Sony, Viasat, etc., as well"

Alexey Rubakov, Director of Telecommunications Services

Orion renders services related to TV-channel signal “ground” delivery “from and to” any destination points and in any formats.


Implementing ground delivery with Orion, our clients optimize own resources, as far as they incur neither capital, nor operating costs for communication links management and operation. Due to «ground» signal transmission, TV-channels are capable to address the following tasks:

Provision of the basic TV-channel version to the operators
Provision of the backup TV-channel version to the operators
Delivery of TV-channel HD-version in addition to SD-version delivery to the major operators via the satellite

Our clients

We proudly state that we do our business with media-market leaders Russia-wide and worldwide and with small TV-channels.

Learn about working with us in the Projects section.

«Ground signal delivery will be of interest for TV-channels ordering playout, uploading, signal localization and/or reception services»

Alexey Rubakov, Director of Telecommunications Services

Service Structure

To render the service, delivery parameters – the signal type and destination point - are agreed.   

Transmitted or received signal or data type

Orion transmits and delivers the following signal, data types:

  • TV-channel stream (SDI, DVB-ASI, Ethernet L2, IP inclusive of with Pro-MPEG FEC cop#3, internet: RTMP, HLS or with assured delivery services, etc.)
  • Live stream (online playout) with or without graphic design
  • Data stream of the single PIDa-type (tags, teletexts, HBB TV, captions, etc.)
  • Files (commercials, playout record, police low resolution record, play-lists, graphic design, etc.)

Signal destination point

 Orion delivers the signal to:

  • Internet exchange points (М9*, first and foremost, where the signal is forwarded to the operator presenting at this node
  • Cable, OTT or satellite operator points of presence
  • TV-channel studio
* М9 (MMTS-9) – the largest internet exchange point in Russia. Located at: 7, Butlerova St., Moscow
Why Orion
High reliability, assured SLA services

Complete backup of both ground and satellite systems. Two satellite crafts in 85° E-orbital position on the own platform ensure emergency backup.

We already deliver TV-channels “over-ground” to the majors

Sony, Viasat use Orion’s ground delivery services.

We have a wide signal delivery infrastructure

Orion designed and operates the satellite and ground infrastructure allowing for TV-channel delivery to any destination points in all admissible formats.