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TV Channel Reception

Unlimited services for TV channels

"We receive the signal from any sources, process and deliver it Russia-wide and worldwide"

Andrey Trufanov, Нead of Telecommunication Services Department

Orion renders signal reception services for the clients’ benefit for subsequent processing and/or delivery.


With Signal Reception service you will find simple and efficient solution allowing for:

Extension of TV-channel broadcast network in ground and satellite ranges Russia-wide and worldwide
Optimization of resources due to no capital and operating expenditures for arrangement of antenna stations and communication links

Our clients

We do our business successfully both with the market leaders and independent companies following similar high service standards.

Learn about working with us in the Projects section.

«Orion has a wide infrastructure allowing for TV-signal reception from any sources»

Roman Yasinskiy, Director of Technical Operations

Service Structure

To render the service, reception parameters – signal source and type – shall be approved.

Potential signal reception sources

  • Geostationary satellite positioned between 25° w.l. to 160° e.l.
  • Internet exchange points (М9*, foremost)
  • TV-channel studio
  • Internet network

Signal types received by Orion

  • Stream (TV-channel)
  • Stream (live-transmission or on-line broadcasting)
  • Data streams (tags)
  • Files

The TV-channel signal is received both compressed (MPEG2/MPEG4), and non-compressed (SD/HD-SDI). Reception from the Internet network is implemented with protocols ensuring lost data recovery (Zixi, MicroImpuls, etc.).

* М9 (MMTS-9) – the largest internet exchange point in Russia. Located at: 7, Butlerova St., Moscow
Why Orion
Own teleports in Moscow, Moscow region and Krasnoyarsk

Utilization of several teleports allows us for backed up signal reception. If required, we involve resources of the Russian and foreign partners for signal reception. Assured SLA with signal reception infrastructure.

Major media-holdings are among our partners

Sony, SPI International use our signal reception services for subsequent delivery.

Competent Orion Team

Our best engineering, legal and creative human resources will be involved in your localization project.