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Consultation Services

Expert advice and transaction support

«Expert services by media market practitioners are the key to success and new opportunities for your TV channel»

Olesya Kuznetsova, Chief Legal Officer

Orion provides consulting services for legal and marketing support of the channel at all stages of market interaction. With our help you will complete the task of launching your channel on the market and promoting it to market players and subscribers .


With our help you will complete the task of launching your channel on the market and promoting it to market players and subscribers.

Organization of channel launching and operation on the Russian market
Increase of channel TV-viewing share
Entrance to the packages of pay TV operators

Our clients

We provide consultancy support to the market leaders and independent TV-channels. We also have experience in creating and developing 10 thematic TV channels.

Learn about working with us in the Projects section.

«To get an extended package of services for foreign TV channels, you can use the service of Creating a local version of the channel»

Svetlana Borisova, Chief Content Officer

Service Structure

Legal support

TV-channel legal support includes a package of legal services related to registration and operational support:

  • TV-channel and radio-channel registration.
  • TV-broadcasting licenses application in Russia.
  • Legal expertise of television channels including foreign TV channels on their compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation and preparation of recommendations for broadcasting of TV channels in accordance with these requirements. The adaptation of the channel for broadcasting is carried out as part of the Playout service.
  • Development of optimal legal schemes for distribution of TV channels in Russia and CIS.

Marketing Support

Marketing TV-channel support includes marketing and consultancy services for promotion to operators and viewers:

  • Market research -  analysis of the target audience, competitive environment of the channel, distribution system, advertising opportunities
  • Consulting on advertising and PR activities of the channel
  • TV channel support in dealing with market players

Additional marketing services "Orion" for the development and sale of the channel - the creation of the channel and The distribution of the channel to the network of cable operators.

Why Orion
Extensive experience

We do our business successfully both with the market leaders and independent companies.

Reasonable and Comprehensible Prices

We are aware of the current market state of things and do press on the optional services when they are obviously not required. It always makes the overall project reasonable and comprehensible.

Flexibility of service model

We offer you a package of consulting services. Only you decide what you need now and what is your plan for future.