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Creation info channel of TV operator

The main source of information about everything for subcribers

«Info channel is effective and low-cost tool for interaction with the existing subscriber base. Communication between the operator and the subscriber always starts with it»

Svetlana Borisova, Chief Content Officer

Orion offers TV operators the creation their own information channels (info channels) for existing subscribers.


Creating info channel on turnkey basis with our help will let you to solve not only communicative tasks of working with the subscriber base, but also to form a positive image of the operator in the perception of subscribers.

Promptly inform subscribers of the operator
Promote the operator’s products and special offers
To generate loyalty, to work on subscribers retention

«Info channel production is always a team work of creative and technical talents both on our side and the operator’s side»

Roman Yasinskiy, Director of Technical Operations

Service Structure

Info channel concept development

The info channel concept is developed on the basis of the customer’s terms of reference

Development of info channel launching plan is

  • Schedule development
  • Development of business processes and a responsibility matrix

Development of a full graphic design package (bumpers, text boxes, etc.), including voiceover

Content production for launch and managing the info channel

  • Collection of promo videos from TV channels and the operator
  • Content purchase (the volume and subjects of the purchased content are determined by agreement with the customer)
  • Preparation of the operator’s unique content (promo videos, announcements, banners, etc.) 
  • Preparation of the regional content: regional news digest, weather forecast

Pre-broadcast preparation

Info channel playout

Transfer of the TV channel to the operator

Delivery is made via HLS

Why Orion
Best practicesof launching and running 10+ TV channels and info channel for Telekarta satellite TV

Creation of 4000+ hours of own content over 7 years with with constantly growing quality. Experience in creating advertising content for info channel and getting feedback on its efficiency.

Flexibility of service model

We offer you a set of services for creation an info channel. Only you decide what you need at the moment. And what you should plan for future.

Reasonable and Comprehensible Prices

We know the current state of affairs in the market and do not insist on paying for additional services when they are obviously not needed. This makes the estimate budget always affordable and clear.