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Live Broadcast Arrangement

You are on air

"Live broadcast is the highest responsibility and always a unique history. We are proud that we successfully work with our clients on such complicated projects"

Andrey Trufanov, Нead of Telecommunication Services Department

Orion will manage live broadcasts of sports events, teleconferences, shows and other unique events on your TV-channel and/or website.


Orion will assist all along: together with us you manage the live broadcast or address the tasks requiring involvement of one more party.

Manage the live broadcast on your TV-channel and/or website on a turnkey basis
Make the live broadcast interactive with teleconference between different sites
Prepare the site for shooting – arrange sound and light required for TV-shooting
To shoot the event with the assigned number of cameras, cameramen and director’s involvement
Transmit the shaped signal from the site to the broadcast control room
Graphically design the live broadcast
Insert the stream into your channel signal
Prepare the signal for broadcasting on your website
Transmit the signal to your partner, for example, for broadcasting on the third-party website

Our clients

We proudly state that we do our business with media-market leaders Russia-wide and worldwide and with small TV-channels.

Learn about working with us in the Projects section.

«We manage live broadcasts not only on the TV-channel but on TV-channel site or partner’s website»

Andrey Trufanov, Нead of Telecommunication Services Department

Service Structure

Live broadcast management service includes:

Broadcast preparation

  • Selection and provision of the audio, light and shooting equipment
  • When TV link-up is arranged, provision of all sites involved in teleconference with the required equipment
  • Selection on-site discipline engineer team – cameramen, live stream director, sound engineers, soundman, light engineers and lighting director

Event shooting

  • Shooting with the assigned number of video-cameras
  • On-site team involvement

Broadcast signal preparation

  • Live broadcast graphic designing
  • Signal preparation for broadcasting on your and/or third party’s website

Shaped signal transmission and live stream insertion

  • Transmission to Orion broadcast control room, your TV-channel control room and/or your partner
  • The signal is transmitted via the internet network or allocated communication links, inclusive of satellite. We transmit the signal in any formats– SD, HD, Ultra HD (MPEG2, MPEG4, HEVC)
  • Live broadcast insertion into your TV-channel signal
Why Orion
We have market-unique experience in live broadcast management

Orion manages live event broadcasts for Viacom and Multimedia Holding – concerts and shows on MTV Russian channel, Nashestvie Festival, Chyortova Dyuzhina Music Award on Nashe TV channel.

We are the experts in broadcast graphic designing and broadcast inserting into TV-channel signal

We render the comprehensive broadcast service package: 50+ TV-channels are our Playout service clients.

We have adequate signal delivery infrastructure

Orion has designed and operates the satellite and ground infrastructure allowing for delivery of TV-channel signals to any destination points in all admissible formats.