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TV Channel Playout

50+ TV channels already used our Playout service

"Leaders of Russian TV market including Signal Media and Viasat make the list of our clients"

Andrey Trufanov, Нead of Telecommunication Services Department

Orion offers the complex Playout solution (TV-channel airplay), as well as the user solution related to TV-channel adaptation to the local markets.


Every single TV-channel requires airplay (playout – in the international slang). In other words, to make a TV-stream (TV-channel) from a content (files) and playlist (file).

When costs are estimated with accuracy, it is not difficult to see that it is nearly always more expensive and longer for a TV-channel to do it with own resources than to order the service from Orion.

We assist TV-channels to address the following main tasks:

Optimize TV-channel operating and capital airplay costs
Adapt a TV-channel in line with the requirements of the local market users.

Our clients

We proudly state that we do our business with media-market leaders Russia-wide and worldwide and with small TV-channels.

Learn about working with us in the Projects section.

«The content is received by any means – Internet, satellite, FTP, physical media. A TV-channel is delivered to consumers (broadcasters) to any point worldwide (IP, Zixi, cable, satellite)»

Roman Yasinskiy, Director of Technical Operations

Service Structure

Complex TV-channel Playout

Complex TV-channel Playout includes turnkey TV-channel release activities:

  • Acquisition of files and play-lists from the client (automatically or manually)
  • Stream integration with Orion software and hardware
  • Air-playing in line with the broadcast schedule (play-list)
  • Graphic stream designing (overlapping the logos, tags and graphics)


  • Signal processing, recoding
  • Archiving (air record storing within the time required by the Client)
  • Overlapping the captions, tickers
  • Registry (police) air recording for regulatory agencies
  • Content processing
  • Inclusion of advertisement and/or alternative content into the TV-signal (stream)
  • Creation of new or usage of existing digital and analogue tags
  • Downscale – “on the fly” modification of HD to SD or UHD to HD/SD resolution
  • Upscale

TV-channel Playout-adaptation

The solution related to TV-channel adaptation to the local markets includes:

  • Advertisement adding and removal
  • Local content adding and removal
  • Graphics adding in conformity with the legal requirements
  • Timeshift function usage
  • Playout monitoring and control

You will have access to any supplementary services required for your project implementation.

Why Orion
Over 10 years we gained a wide experience in TV-channel production and Playout

50+ TV-channels – our Playout service clients. 100+ TV-channels – our b2b clients. 10 own TV-channels.

Our Playout-solutions – high quality services

Up to 99.99% SLA. 100% backup capability. Playout monitoring by our discipline engineers and 24х7х365 support service. Strong technical team.

Free of charge service test-drive!

You have the capability to assess the level of our solutions and take the decision on your TV-channel pre-broadcast preparation in Orion – upon expiry of free of charge test period!