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Pre-Broadcast Preparation

Setting up TV channels for the air

"We undertake all activities related to your TV-channel planning and broadcast preparation"

Andrey Trufanov, Нead of Telecommunication Services Department

Orion offers a wide range of services related to TV-channel broadcast preparation using the client’s content.


Orion undertakes the comprehensive TV-channel broadcast preparation task package. You will save investments and time with our assistance.

Plan transmission, prepare, modify and save the content for TV-channel broadcasting
Optimize the resources with no costs for team searching and maintenance, software and server equipment purchasing and updating

Our clients

We have successful experience in 10 channels broadcast preparation.

Learn about working with us in the Projects section.

«Look at Orion team of professional in action! For us, every issue is a matter of technique»

Roman Yasinskiy, Director of Technical Operations

Service Structure

Pre-broadcast TV-channel preparation includes a wide range of activities. Our client selects the required services.

Broadcast programming

  • Prospect and week broadcast scheduling, TV-channel play-listing in line with the client's technical assignment

Designing and/or adaptation of all TV-channel graphic types

  • Designing the TV-channel graphic package (jingles, nameplates, etc.), inclusive of voice recording
  • Designing the TV-program headings, inter-program bumpers and TV-program advertisements

Activities are performed in line with the client’s assignment or brand-book.

Content control

  • Pre-broadcast content preparation includes content quality control, content timing (and other parameters) check
  • Content library maintenance and storing.

We will provide own content-storage for storing any materials.

Content processing

  • Content format modification (recoding), content digitizing
  • Sound processing and adaptation in conformity with the legal requirements
  • Translation into Russian
  • Overlapping the captions, stickers, age-specific tags, etc.
  • Downscaling – HD to SD /or UHD to HD/SD resolution modification
  • Content upscaling.

We implement content reception with any techniques –Internet, satellite, FTP, media, including different sources.

We will deliver the signal of completed TV-channel worldwide via IP, cable and our satellites.

Why Orion
We gained wide experience in TV-channels broadcast preparation

We prepare for broadcasting and broadcast 10 TV-channels.

Professional software and hardware system

We use professional software and hardware system for TV-channel broadcast preparation.

Flexibility of service model

We offer you all possible services on pre-broadcast preparation of the TV channel. Solely you will decide what you currently need. What to plan for future.