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Creation of timeshift versions

Even more opportunities to comply with the federal laws as well as to drive audience loyalty

Timeshift versions of the channel unlock new opportunities to comply with the federal legislation and to drive viewer loyalty. Keep your content synchronized with your audience’s time zone.

Andrey Trufanov, Нead of Telecommunication Services Department

Orion is offering the service of creating timeshift versions


The «Creation of timeshift version» service is a simple but efficient tool for you to take advantage of:

Best opportunities to comply with the federal laws № 478-FL and № 479-FL dated 05.12.2022, that lay down the following liabilities for broadcasters:
• Prohibition of LGBT propaganda
• Changes to the Mass Media Law on the information and children protection against “harmful information”
• Penalties for legal entities up to RUB 10M or license suspension for up to 90 days
Complying with the rules of demonstrating “hazard” content: demonstration (if this excludes propaganda) of non-traditional sexual relations or preferences is only allowed between 11:00 pm and 4:00 am local time, in compliance with the federal law № 436-FL
Drive audience loyalty thanks to more convenient viewing time slots

Our clients

We proudly state that we do our business with media-market leaders Russia-wide and worldwide and with small TV-channels.

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Both preparation and airplay of timeshift versions suggest using a backup.

Roman Yasinskiy, Director of Technical Operations

What’s included

Creation of timeshift versions of a channel includes the following activities:

Default Playout is aligned for the outermost (eastern) time zone by shifting the current line-up

Timeshift versions are created as the time-delayed copies of the default version.

This ensures that the demonstration of “hazard” content will be taking place within the allowed local time slot only.

The number of timeshift versions depends on the number of time zones to be covered.

There is a bundle of extras available:

Multi-environment complex for television signal delivery Orion.Broadcast

  • Signal Uplink and Distribution
  • Terrestrial signal delivery
  • Signal reception
  • Television signal handover for cable providers

Content storage and management systems Orion.Drive

  • Storage of content for broadcasters

Extras: editorial/eye control, with regards to changes in the legislation; video editing, including creation of age-specific versions (scene deletion, blurring, censorship sounds, etc)

Why Orion
Over 10 years we gained a wide experience in TV-channel production and Playout

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Team of professionals

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