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Creating a Local Version of the TV Channel

For international TV channels that are about to enter Russian market

«Together with Orion your television channel can become “a familiar face” for Russian and CIS viewers within the shortest term»

Svetlana Borisova, Chief Content Officer

Orion provides the fullest list of channels versioning and content localization services for further broadcasting at Russian and CIS markets. You can choose services which are suitable for you now.


Channel localization is the final step before channel premiere to viewers, who always wait for something new and interesting.

Start speaking Russian and make your channel the major player at Russian media-market
Extend the channel’s viewership driven by to the Russian and CIS viewers

Our clients

We work with market leaders and independent television channels always meeting high service standards. We are glad to present one of the major global media-company SPI International, to which Orion renders the most comprehensive list of localization services.

Learn about working with us in the Projects section.

«Adaptation and versionin, licensing and distribution - we will do everything as if your TV channel has always existed in Russia and the CIS countries!»

Svetlana Borisova, Chief Content Officer

Service Structure

Orion service model is built on the design-kit concept – the client selects the required services.

Broadcast license application in Russia (Kazakhstan, other countries).

Mass-Media Registration Certificate application

TV-channel/content in Russia application

  • Reception of  television channel from any satellite worldwide, including  European satellites and HotBird as well.
  • Reception of  television channel by fiber  from any communication operator in Russia.
  • Reception of  television channel via Internet (Zixi, MicroImpuls and other technologies).

Graphic channel design to comply with operation requirements for broadcasting in the country (Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries), including

  • Design the TV-channel graphic package (jingles, nameplates, etc.), including  voice-over
  • Design the TV-program headings, inter-program bumpers and TV-program advertisements

Adaptation and translation of foreign right holders’ content for the Russian viewers

  • Russian and other languages translation including live shows (if required),
  • Subtitling

Channel editing and versioning

  • Advertisement cutting, replacement of the foreign advertisement to alternative content
  • Replacement inappropriate content for an alternative one
  • Advertisement insertion (tags, Client’s playlist, etc.)

Channel delivery to Russian and CIS TV-operators via

  • Fiber (including M9)*
  • Satellite
  • Internet

Distribution (sale) of the localized channel/content to the Russian and CIS markets.

* М9 (MMTS-9) – the largest internet exchange point in Russia. Located at: 7, Butlerova St., Moscow
Why Orion
Flexibility of service model

We offer you various of versioning and localization services.  Only you decide what you need now and what is your plan for future.

Extensive experience

We do our business successfully both with the market leaders and independent companies.

Orion Team

Our best technical, legal and creative forces will work on your  project.

Reasonable and Comprehensible Prices

We are aware of the current market state of things and do press on the optional services when they are obviously not required. It always makes the overall project reasonable and comprehensible.