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HbbTV Services

New development feature for TV channel business

«HbbTV channel is a fundamentally new product – linear TV with non-linear services. It is interesting for subscribers and profitable for TV channels. Your viewers decide to act here and now. And they do it in the most convenient way: by using a remote control»

Alexey Rubakov, Director of Telecommunications Services

Orion offers TV channels to provide their viewers with HbbTV services (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) – the transmission of additional content, interactive services to Smart TV screens along with the main television signal.

You do not have to bear any capital expenditures on the arrangement of HbbTV services.   Orion undertakes to organize and develop the project.


With Orion, you will be able to develop the broadcasting and commercial possibilities of your channel.

Increase the audience
Increase the duration of your channel viewing
Sell interactive ad, product placement
Collect targeted TV viewing data
Conduct interactive surveys, quizzes, etc.
Sell additional services of the broadcaster, integrate with Internet sites

«Orion undertakes to prepare and manage the project. Development of front-end and back-end parts, integration with existing services will be done by our efforts. This will not require any equipment or software costs from the customer»

Roman Yasinskiy, Director of Technical Operations

Service Structure

Development of HbbTV services

  • Service functionality development
  • Design concept development  
  • Apps development
  • Elaboration of requirements to the apps content, search and purchase of content

Orion develops the HbbTV services (an interactive TV channel guide, advertising integration, interactive polling, etc.) that meets the customer’s requirements  from scratch or using proposed templates.

Integration of HbbTV services with existing services of the TV channel

Integration with TV channel services (e.g., an OTT application) creates a seamless environment, which allows the use of existing services without launching a separate Smart application, i.e. to enter the service directly through the TV channel by pressing one button on the TV remote control.

Introduction of HbbTV service to the entire TV channel distribution network

  • Downloading, deleting content
  • Data broadcasting
  • Server-side support
  • 24 х 7 х 365 monitoring
  • Statistics generation

We provide data on the activity of viewers in a single format for any operators and devices that support the HbbTV format.

  • Technical support of partner operators on the end-to-end transmission of HbbTV service data to the end user 

HbbTV: what it is and how it works on your TV?

What is HbbTV?

Let’s take a tour of HbbTV in simple language. In fact, it is an ordinary but small web-site that appears right on the TV screen. With just a click of a button you can get access to extended information about the program and characters, vote for your favorite one, and even do shopping!

Now let’s see how to enable the feature on the most popular platforms and thus enhance TV viewing experience

Enabling HbbTV

Activating HbbTV may differ depending on the brand. Make sure your TV is connected to the Internet.

Smart TV Samsung

  • Click Home key on your RCU and enter the “Settings” menu;
  • Go to “System” category, then “Data Service”, and set it enabled;
  • Install Interactive Application HbbTV from the Samsung Apps store.

Smart TV LG

  • Click the key with “gear” icon on the RCU. Onscreen quick access menu will appear;
  • Go to “All settings” (alternatively “General”) category;
  • Go to “Programmes”, and then “HbbTV” category;
  • Finally, set “Auto Start” enabled.


  • Open “Settings” menu;
  • Go to “TV” and then “Channel setup” category;
  • Go to “Digital Setup” category and select “Interactive Application”;
  • Finally, press ON button and wait for a popup notification on the screen.

Smart TV Philips

  • Click the key with “Home” icon on the RCU;
  • Go to “Settings”, then “General settings”, “Advanced”, and then “HbbTV Settings”;
  • Set it enabled using the OK key.

Smart TV Panasonic

  • Go to “Digital TV tuning” (alternatively – “Cable Programs”) category of the TV menu;
  • Go to “HbbTV Setting” (alternatively – “Interactive application”) and set it enabled.

Enabling HbbTV is not that difficult as you can see. So let’s start enjoying the enhanced video content!            

How HbbTV works on a TV

While linear television relies on a broadcast technology – DVB-S/ DVB-C/ DVB-T or other, HbbTV is based on the internet.

As already mentioned above, Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (abbreviated to HbbTV) is in fact a small web-site which opens on your Smart TV by clicking a special button. You only want to make sure that your TV is connected to the internet.

An HbbTV-program can be attached to a certain TV channel or program, alternatively run independently in the background. When an HbbTV application is made specifically for a TV program, TV show or other video, all the functionality and content and of the application extend the video with additional information. The application, therefore, will close at the end of the TV program.

What do I do if HbbTV doesn’t work?

First, make sure that your TV supports this function. In some cases users may be asked to accept specific or extended privacy settings.

Second, make sure that your TV is connected to the internet.

Next, you want to enable HbbTV function if it hadn’t been activated earlier.

Finally, visit the official web site of your favorite TV program, show or channel to make sure that its authors are providing the enhanced possibilities for interactivity, based on HbbTV!

Why Orion
Flexibility of service model

We offer a set of HbbTV services for your TV channel. Only you will decide what you need at the moment and what you should plan for future.

Reasonable and Comprehensible Prices

We know the current state of affairs in the market and do not insist on paying for additional services when they are obviously redundant. This makes the conditions accessible and clear.

Orion team

Our best creative and technical talents will work for you in the project.