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Distribution Area: RF, CIS, foreign countries

#KtoKuda - a breakthrough project of the Max Media Television Holding. Up to 70% of the channel’s content is dedicated to domestic tourism, the history of Russia and the possibilities of active and health tourism.

On the air, the viewers will see the best travel programs - Single Travel, World Voyage, Long Distance Trips, Dream Island, and new projects launched as part of the channel’s program policy - Unique Places of Russia, Neighbors, Where with Children, Small Cities of Russia.

Fans of foreign travel will also not be left unattended - to the viewers of the #Ktokuda Channel the content about Travels by Stephen Fry, the Australian TV series «Taste of Travel» and much more will be available.

The unique feature of the channel lies in its interactivity. Direct communication with viewers through social networks and Instagram makes it possible for the editorial office to take into account the wishes and interests of the target audience and to stay trending.

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