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The first channel related to theater art
in Russia and abroad


Distribution area: Russian Federation, foreign countries.

Teatr is a unique TV channel for professionals and fans of the theater. Teatr channel unites theaters in Moscow, regions of Russia, the CIS countries, Ukraine and the Baltics, as well as foreign countries into a single media space.

For 24 hours on the air of the TV channel

  1. 300 hours of premier content. Priority is given to well-known productions noted at the largest theatrical festivals, such as The Golden Mask
  2. Performances of leading Russian theaters with the participation of famous actors
  3. Ballet performances
  4. Music concerts
  5. Meetings with interesting people and theater stars
  6. Programs dedicated to high-profile theater premieres
  7. Documentaries
  8. Sharp discussions, professional opinions, answers to the most important questions and much more

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