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Music channel for those who like art song

Chanson TV

Distribution area: Russian Federation.

Chanson TV is a musical, infotainment television channel for those who love chanson in any form: from the songs of Feodor Chaliapin and Leonid Utesov to the works of Vladimir Vysotsky and Joseph Kobzon.

24 hours on the air of the channel is various music, all the traditional song genres and their performers:

  1. Author (bard) music
  2. Classic and modern urban romance
  3. Folk song
  4. Russian jazz
  5. Rock music lyrics
  6. Also songs from favorite movies
  7. Russian singers

Three hours a day on the air French, Italian and German chanson.

In addition to your favorite concerts on the air of the Chanson TV channel meetings with your favorite performers and programs about the origins of the genre.

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