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Ideas, handy tips and key hacks
for the suburban

«Zagorodnaya Zhizn»

Distribution area: Russian Federation, the CIS, foreign countries.

«Zagorodnaya Zhizn» is a twenty-four-seven thematic channel for people who constantly live in suburbs and those who want to live like that.

«Zagorodnaya Zhizn» covers the issues of agriculture, animal breeding, construction, arrangement of suburban housing and space around it. The channel offers interesting activities for all family members, does not impose another opinion and does not advertise trends, the authors share what they have learned themselves!

TV channel programs

  1. Are of applicable nature, all ideas and pieces of advice can be implemented in any space and with any budget
  2. Are created by experts in the referred area
  3. Go on the air according to season interests of the audience
  4. Focused on real needs of the audience
  5. Are able to satisfy both beginners and professionals interested in new trends and experiences of real people

The uniqueness of the channel:

  • This is the most positive TV suitable for the whole family
  • These are real ideas and pieces of advice from true masters who are very passionate about both the TV channel and their audience

The «Zagorodnaya Zhizn» TV channel invites its viewers to plunge into a world where it is so easy to create comfort and coziness with your own hands and learn how to live in harmony with yourself.

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