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The world's first TV channel dedicated to extreme sports

Extreme Sports

Distribution area: Russian Federation, Eastern Siberia and the Far East

Extreme Sports or extreme sports means getting extremely thrill, balancing on the verge of life and death.

The channel is intended for viewers who can’t imagine their life without total extreme. It covers all the most popular extreme sports: surfing, mountain biking, skateboarding, kiteboarding and many others.

Extreme Sports TV channel fully covers all kinds of extreme sports. So, Extreme Sports is one of the first channels that gave a perspective on such sports as skateboarding, kitesurfing, rafting.

On the TV channel

You can watch vids about BMX, trial, snowboarding, parachuting, climbing, rope jumping, Tread Bmx, wrestling, as well as the Extreme Sports World Championships, motocross championships, world supermoto championships and much more. In an effort to meet the demand of the vast audience Extreme Sports presented a series of programs on mixed martial arts and martial arts. The channel is constantly expanding the thematic line of its programs and broadcasts about everything that accompanies extreme sports — equipment, music and travel.

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