Satellite mediaplatform №1* in Russia & CIS

We will be glad to offer business solutions for production and distribution of any TV channels suitable exactly for your business.

Orion – leading satellite mediaplatform in Russia and CIS. Nowadays Orion offers a unique full-service platform for broadcasters and cable operator – from creating a concept of a new TV channel to its broadcasting to viewers all over Russia.

Leading Western and Russian programmers
have chosen Orion satellite mediaplatform

Discovery Communications
World’s №1 pay TV programmer. Signal delivery to cable operators from Horizons 2 and Express AM5 throughout all Russian territory – all channels of the programmer.

Global broadcasting company with 60-years history. Viacom’s leading brands include MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Comedy Central, Paramount Channel and many others.

Viasat World
The holding presents 12 channels of Viasat and TV1000 family in Russia, including Full HD channels with Dolby Surround 5.1.

СТС Мedia
The leading independent broadcasting company in Russia.The Group owns and operates the CTC, Domashny and Peretz TV channels in Russia and has more than 150 million people audience.

300+ TV channels on the platform

Multiple services for playout

Producing and localization

• Turnkey solution for producing a TV channel from idea to final cut
• Artworks for content or the whole TV channel
– set of artworks with voice work
– headers of TV programs
– breakbumpers announcements
• Opt-out services including replacing the content of international channels, local advertising into international feeds
• Replacement of undesirable content in a TV signal by an alternative
• DVB subtitling

SD/HD/UHD playout and monitoring

• Professional broadcasting hardware and software for playout automatisation with 100% capacity backup availability
• Any ways of content acquisition – via internet, FTP, hard drives
• Technical and legal check up of content (age limit marking, information product data)
• On-screen graphics to comply with the legal requirements
• 24/7 qualitative service and monitoring
• Police recording to comply with the legal requirements. Content library storage
• Advertising and other content insertion
• Creation of a time-shifted TV channel version

Supplementary services

• Legal support including licensing and media registration to work in Russian market
• Marketing support. We help you gain market share and new audience
• Limitation of the signal coverage area to a certain region (geocoding)
• Satellite capacity backup and on-demand capacity, including a one-time bandwidth extension
• Signal delivery to points of exchange (M9 & T9)
• Customer technical support, training and consulting
• Dubbing of TV programs

Orion Satellite mediaplatform offers a number of services for the pre-air preparations of TV channels, monitoring, and consulting in Russian broadcast area. We will take care of content adaptation, localization, on-screen graphics and other essential functions for сonstant broadcast.

Signal uplink and delivery

The most reliable satellite platform to distribute signal in Russia

• Platform is built on Horizons 2, Intelsat 15 (85°E) and Express AM5 (140°E) spacecrafts
• The biggest coverage area – 100% of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries
• Stable satellite signal with optimal technical and sales characteristics
• Full redundancy of ground and space segments
2 satellites are ready for hot backup at 85°E
• High level of reliability guaranteed by SLA

Using the most advanced technology in organization of uplink and earth station

• The latest solid-state transmitters (Wavestream PowerStream 200 W) with outstanding signal and reliability characteristics
• New antenna system (two backup antennas — 9 and 7 meters in diameter)
• High class compression and multiplexing equipment from the industry leaders (Harmonic, Ericsson)
• Modern modulators using additional functions (pre-correction) to improve the signal

High level of operation of the technological complex

• Parametric control with automatic alarm
• 24x7 duty shift has audio-visual monitoring with built-in analysis of traffic flows
• Effective organization of maintenance works on transmitting equipment, with involvement of representatives of vendors for the audit of the systems
• Detailed internal regulations and instructions for all levels of operation,allowing to respond to any emergency situations

Orion provides full range of services for signal uplink and delivery to all Russian territory and CIS. More than 300 TV channels are currently available on the platform and many of them are distributed via satellite capacity and uplink platform of Orion, including Russian federal channels under the federal programs, national and foreign paid channels.

Sattelite television “Telekarta”






1Tricolor TV11 800 00012 210 0003,5%
2Rostelecom8 600 0009 380 0009%
3Orion2 800 0002 953 0005,5%
4ER-Telecom2 685 0002 850 000**6%
5MTS2 745 0002 760 000***0,5%

* Telecomdaily, 2017 **Including the purchase of “Westcall” *** excluding the satellite segment

Your audience guaranteed: your content becomes instantly available to pay-TV providers in Russia & CIS and to our own satellite platform Telekarta.
Telekarta is high-quality content and service for affordable price all over Russia.


We propose to cable and IPTV operators:

Smart and multipurpose offers for all channels in distribution

Flexible and special fixed rates

Practical technical solution for channels receiving

More than 30 TV channels for all tastes and age

Orion is an official distributor of various TV channels made in Russia and abroad.

These channels are available to all pay-TV operators in Russia due to company’s existing network of signal distribution.

Our satellite mediaplatform distributes more than 20 TV channels and supports 350+ pay-TV operators.